Judy Hu announces separation from husband


TAIPEI — British-born Taiwanese actress Judy Hu (胡婷婷), the daughter of Taichung Mayor Jason Hu (胡志強), announced on the Internet Tuesday that she has separated with her husband Julio Acconci after a year of marriage.

“It was a very peaceful decision made by both sides …. we are still good friends,” Hu, whose Chinese name is Hu Ting-ting, wrote on her Facebook page.

She did not explain the reason for the couple’s breakup, saying only “it was love that brought us together. It was also because of love that we decided to part ways.”

She also said “sorry” to family members and expressed the hope that the media would respect their privacy.

Hu married Acconci in January 2013 after the couple had dated for a few months. Acconci is the elder member of Hong Kong-based rock duo Soler.

Hu made her acting debut as a Thai prostitute in the romantic comedy “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.” She has also starred in such films as “Breaking and Entering” and “Waiting in Beijing.”

In a press conference Tuesday, Jason Hu choked up with emotion and described himself as “shocked” and very sad to hear the news, but he said the most important thing for him now was to help his daughter through her difficult time.