Taipei, New Taipei standardize bike rental prices



TAIPEI — Cyclists who rent bicycles at privately run riverside stations in Taipei can now return them in the neighboring city of New Taipei and vice versa at a standard cost, which makes it easier for bike commuters between the two areas.

Under the new rules that took effect Tuesday, the rental fees will also be standardized in the two cities, in response to complaints over a discrepancy in costs at the riverside bicycle stations that are owned by the city governments and run by private operators.

Cyclists between the two cities will now be charged NT$150 (US$4.9) to NT$250 for a four-hour period, depending on the type of bicycle rented, and NT$210 to NT$340 for periods of over four hours.

Those who do not cross the city lines will be charged NT$15 per hour for a maximum of six hours.

In the past, privately operated bicycle rental stations in Taipei charged between NT$25 and NT$60 per hour and added an NT$80 fee if the cyclist returned the bike to a station in New Taipei.

The rate in New Taipei, meanwhile, was NT$15 to NT$80 per hour and the cyclist was charged a four-hour fee for crossing into Taipei.

New Taipei boasts 180 kilometers of riverside bicycle paths, while Taipei has 110 km.

Rental bicycles, free basic maintenance and repair services are available at 10 locations along Taipei’s riverside paths and 15 stations along the paths in New Taipei.