EasyCard celebrates four years of convenience, unveils Doraemon card


By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The EasyCard Corporation announced yesterday in a press release that various promotional events would be launched in partnership with various convenience store chains, cafes and restaurants to commemorate the fourth year since the program began. Since the initial launch of the program, allowing EasyCard holders to purchase items at various stores, the service has attracted widespread acclaim, expanding to over 31 partnerships with renowned brands.

The number of companies joining the program continues to increase, particularly among stores located in Taichung, with branches in Taipei preparing to adopt the EasyCard system. Consumers are encouraged to go on to the EasyCard Corporation website to find partnered companies and their respective promotions this month. A New Type of EasyCard Appearing in various Hi-Life and 7-11 outlets and the Metro Souvenir Shop today is the first trinket-based EasyCard, shaped in the likeness of the famous Japanese cartoon character Doraemon. Different from its original card body, the trinket-based card is an accessory that can be easily attached to a cellular device or keychain. No larger than a NT$10 coin, the card is made of environmentally friendly ABS material, and is limited to 5,500 units nationwide.