6,585 organs transplanted in Taiwan in past 10 years



TAIPEI — A total of 6,585 organ transplants covered by national health insurance were performed in Taiwan between 2003 and 2012, with liver transplants accounting for the largest number, government statistics indicated Tuesday.

There were 3,017 liver transplants, with 86 percent of the recipients living at least one year after the transplant, 82 percent living at least three years and 79 percent living at least five years, according to the National Health Insurance Administration.

There were 2,728 kidney transplants, with one-year, three-year and five-year survival rates of 96 percent, 94 percent and 91 percent, respectively, the statistics showed.

Of the 764 people undergoing heart transplants, 78 percent, 70 percent and 65 percent, respectively, were alive after one year, three years and five years.

Meanwhile, 76 people had lung transplants, with three-month, one-year, three-year and five-year survival rates of 67 percent, 57 percent, 48 percent and 37 percent, respectively.