Face off between pact protest groups


By Lauly Li ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — China Unification Promotion Party leader Chang An-lo (張安樂), known to the public as the “White Wolf,” led hundreds of activists who support the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement in an attempt to enter the Legislative Yuan yesterday, but was stopped by riot police. As the student-led occupation of the Legislative Yuan’s Assembly Hall entered its third week, Chang and the Taiwan Labor Welfare Alliance led the protesters along Zhongxiao East Road from the Control Yuan, attempting to go to the Legislative Yuan two blocks away via Zhengjiang Street. However, riot police stopped them from going further. Police were caught between pro-trade pact protesters and anti-trade pact protesters, both of whom hurled insults at one another. Police kept the two parties separated and the pro-trade pact group away from the Legislative Yuan complex. “Back off, gangsters,” anti-trade pact protesters shouted at pro-trade pact protesters.

Chang, standing on a mini-truck, criticized the police for “sheltering criminals.” He said that the police should have evicted the students from the Assembly Hall on the first day of the occupation, arguing that “if they (the student activists) can go into the Legislature, then why can’t we?” Chang pointed to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) city councilor Wang Shih-chien (王世堅), who was standing among the anti-trade pact protesters, and claimed that all DPP members are involved in bribery and corruption. Chang said “Wang Shih-chien, can you really say you have not taken any bribes?” “Which of you DPP (lawmakers and councilors) aren’t involved with the mafia? During the daytime you cry ‘gangsters,’ and during the nighttime you say ‘big brothers,’” Chang said. “ After anti-trade pact protesters continued to interrupt Chang when he was delivering his remarks, Chang shouted at the crowds, saying “you don’t deserve to be Chinese,” and “China does not need you.” The demonstration ended around 5:30 p.m. as Chang urged pro-trade pact protesters to leave the area to prevent disrupting traffic.

Students’ Response In response to the pro-trade pact rally, student activist Lin Fei-fan (林飛帆) said that the demonstrators should express their opinions to the Presidential Office and not to the students, as the person with the authority to solve the problem was inside the Presidential Office. Lin said that the latest opinion polls show that 50 percent of people support the occupation movement, and the student activists will continue occupying the Assembly Hall. Lin urged President Ma Ying-jeou to listen to the people’s voices. As Kuomintang Legislator Chang Ching-chung (張慶忠) is scheduled to convene a cross-committee deliberation meeting to deliberate the Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement today, Lin last night argued that the KMT caucus should not deliberate the pact under the current circumstances.

Lin said that even if the Legislative Yuan is going to review the pact in the future, it should not be Chang who convenes the deliberation meeting. The student activists insist that the Legislative Yuan should pass the Bill on Pacts Between Taiwan and China — a draft bill proposed to strengthen supervision of government procedures in signing agreements with China — and then deliberate the service trade pact.

DPP to Boycott Today’s Deliberation Yesterday afternoon the DPP caucus arrived at the meeting room where the deliberation will be held, ready to spend the night in order to occupy the rostrum and the podium when the meeting began today.

The KMT caucus said they will attend the deliberation meeting and demand the opposition lawmakers conduct an article-by-article deliberation of the agreement.