Prosecutors to probe student protest leaders


By Lauly Li, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO) yesterday denied media speculation that it received reports from the police regarding student activists Lin Fei-fan (林飛帆) and Chen Wei-ting (陳為廷) in relation to the ongoing student-led protests. The TDPO said, however, it has received at least four reports from citizens accusing Lin and Chen of allegedly obstructing officials’ operations, intruding into residences and damaged public assets.

Taipei prosecutors said they have acknowledged the reports and they will investigate Lin and Chen over the occupation incident. As for when the prosecutors will summon the pair for questioning, the Taipei prosecutors said it depends on the investigation process.

The TDPO further noted that apart from the four reports, the prosecutors’ office also received numerous reports from citizens concerning the two activists. The office is currently sorting out the information offered by the citizens and will later officially acknowledge the reports and investigate the cases in accordance with the law, the TDPO said. The prosecutors went on to say that there are currently two prosecutors in charge of the Legislative Yuan occupation and the Executive Yuan occupation, respectively.

The TDPO said so far at least 43 people have been listed as defendants by the prosecutors since the Legislative Yuan was occupied by student activists on March 18, including student movement group Black Island Nation Youth Front members Dennis Wei (魏揚) and Chen Ting-hau (陳廷豪), and Desert Lily spokesman Hsu Li (許立). Wei was arrested on the night when over 2,000 protesters stormed the Executive Yuan on March 23 over allegations of “commanding” protesters to break into the Cabinet compound.

Wei was later released without bail by the Taipei District Court. Chen Ting-hau was released on a bail of NT$50,000. Police reportedly said as the student movement is not yet ended, the police have not summoned anyone for questioning or transferred any cases to the TDPO. Protesters Attacked by Pebbles Police confirmed that protesters sitting on the Qingdao East Road near the Legislative Yuan compound yesterday afternoon were attacked by pebbles thrown from a building in the area.

Police further said that as the “Occupy the Legislative Yuan” movement entered its third week, many residents of the area have complained about their lives being interrupted.

Police said that residents who live near the Legislative Yuan allegedly grabbed pebbles from flowerpots and threw them at protesters.