Milder weather expected ahead of Tomb Sweeping



TAIPEI–Taiwan could see better weather from Friday, the beginning of the three-day Tomb Sweeping holiday, the Central Weather Bureau said yesterday.

Still under the influence of a cold front, Thursday’s weather could remain unstable islandwide, forecasters said, but added that the fluctuations are expected to ease up from the following day.

On Thursday, the mercury could range between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius in northern Taiwan, 19 and 24 degrees in central Taiwan, and 21 and 28 degrees in southern Taiwan, the bureau said. Temperatures are forecast to rise steadily from Friday, while daytime highs are likely to increase by 2-4 degrees across the island during the holiday, it said.

The mercury could hover at between 15-24 degrees in northern Taiwan, 17-27 degrees in central Taiwan and 20-27 degrees in southern Taiwan, according to the bureau.

Cloudy skies are likely in most parts of the country on Friday and Saturday, with drizzle expected only in eastern Taiwan.

People in northern Taiwan can expect sunny weather on Sunday, the bureau added.