Government looks to future 5G prospects


By Ted Chen ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Science and Technology Minister Simon Chang (張善政) stated in a Legislative Yuan briefing yesterday that the fifth-generation (5G) mobile broadband network is poised to become a vital driver of Taiwan’s economy in a decade, while pledging efforts toward propelling the technology toward full commercialization by 2025.

Chang stated that following the scheduled launch date of the 4G network in the third quarter of this year, the path toward 5G, though long and arduous, will lead toward Taiwan’s prosperity, along with numerous research initiatives.

Minister Highlights Changing Utilization of Technology In response to queries on his opinions of the ongoing student protests, Chang pointed out that the younger demography has grown adept at leveraging the Internet. What is innovative to the older generation has become part of everyday life for young people, as seen in the extensive utilization of web-based resources such as the live streaming inside the occupied Legislative Yuan, said Chang. Chang noted that in a similar vein, the government may leverage the capabilities of the Internet in improving disaster relief by providing rural residents with the ability to stream the latest flood or landslide conditions to governing bodies.

Chang stated that from the perspective of a technology sector veteran, he hopes that the youth of Taiwan may apply their talents in the field as they begin their careers. Research initiatives will include the insight of the industries, said Science and Technology Deputy Minister Lin Yi-ping (林一平). In particular, the ministry will seek input from industry bellwethers, including MediaTek (聯發科), Chunghwa Telecom (中華電) and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. in forming 5G networking standards.

Lin mentioned that the government launched its “apple orchard” initiative in February, a program designed to fund and foster development in mobile telecommunications and computing, in particular applications for the fledgling 5G network.

NCC Rejects Concerns Over Chinese Telecoms Equipment The National Communication Commission (NCC) confirmed yesterday that the 4G network will see commercial operation by the third quarter of this year. The NCC also allayed lawmakers’ concern that telecoms carriers may compromise national security by procuring equipment designed and manufactured in China. The NCC stated that in their review of operating plans submitted by Taiwan’s telecoms carriers, they did detect specifications that included Chinese-made hardware and equipment.

Telecoms carriers are required to conform to the terms stipulated in their operating proposals, and that the utilization of Chinese-made hardware would result in deviation from approved plans, said the NCC. If such instances are found, telecom carriers will be investigated by national security bodies, the NCC said.