Startup launches TV drama streaming app in Indonesia



TAIPEI — Taiwanese startup Chocolabs hopes to flex Taiwan’s soft power with the launch of a mobile app to stream Taiwanese and other Asian TV dramas in Indonesia, according to news website Tech in Asia.

According to a report on the site, the app, called Dramot, is brining more than 1,000 drama collections from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China to Indonesia, a potentially huge market where classic Taiwanese series “Meteor Garden” and “Fated to Love You” proved a hit.

Chocolabs founders David Liu and Kevin Huang came up with the idea to integrate technology and entertainment during an internship program organized by Microsoft Corporation.

They had easy access to the videos because the shows had already been uploaded to video sharing platforms like YouTube, Tudou, and DailyMotion, the creators reportedly said. Videos on Dramot feature subtitles in English, the report said, and if the app is well-received, the company plans more products for the Indonesia market.

Chocolabs has also partnered with Ashin, the lead singer of Taiwan’s hit rock band Mayday, to develop a series of travel apps for visitors to Japan.