OCAC striving to repatriate descendents of lost army in Thailand


The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — In a Legislative Yuan briefing yesterday Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC, 僑委會) Minister Chen Shih-Kwei (陳士魁) reported to lawmakers of an initiative would allow for the repatriation of R.O.C. nationals residing in Northern Thailand.

According to Chen, the initiatives would allow for student-age descendents of Kuomingtang troops left behind in Northern Thailand during the Chinese Civil War to gain R.O.C. citizenship following 7 years of education.

In response to lawmakers’ queries Chen stated that the students may be eligible for military service following the completion of their education in high schools or universities and after they have been repatriated. Lawmakers’ also questioned whether the halt on achieving an all-volunteer military force for Taiwan will impede the prospects for the descendents of the army left behind in the Golden Triangle, to which Chen replied that negotiations are ongoing with the Ministry of Defense, however, no new progress have been made on the draft for an all-volunteer military force.