Counter-protesters want their voices heard



TAIPEI — A group that holds opposing views on a trade-in-services agreement with China to those of a student-led occupation movement has said it will organize a rally after the protesters have pulled out from the Legislative Yuan on April 10.

In a Facebook post, the group, calling itself the White Justice Social Union, denied rumors that it will stage its own occupation action.

Instead, it will hold a rally in the square at Taipei’s Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall on the evening of April 13, according to the post.

The post came as leaders of the student protesters announced Monday that they will pull out of the Legislature’s main chamber, ending their occupation that began March 18.

The union said the upcoming demonstration will be to express a different view on the service trade pact in a peaceful and non-confrontational way. There will be no bloodshed or occupation of any buildings, it said.

The group organized a rally in late March to show disapproval of the occupation movement.

Participants in the March 29 Carnation Rally included people who support the trade pact with China and those who see the protesters as lawbreakers. Families of the police mobilized to control the protest also took part in the demonstration and demanded an end to the standoff.