1st major shipment of pineapples reaches Canada



TAINAN — Taiwan pineapples were shipped in bulk to Canada for the first time yesterday, breaking into a major international market, according to the Agriculture and Food Agency. The shipment of 6.8 metric tons of certified high-quality pineapples left Tainan City in southern Taiwan in a refrigerated container bound for the Canadian market, which has a population of 35 million, said Huang Mei-hua, deputy director of the agency.

The fruit was exported by the Guanmiao District Farmers’ Association in Tainan, in collaboration with a trading company. The district is Taiwan’s second largest pineapple growing region, with over 800 hectares dedicated to the crop.

Tainan Mayor Lai Ching-te said the city will expand its pineapple cultivation as the price of the fruit has been stable and demand has been growing for pineapple products like cakes and bread.

“We are hoping that the increasing demand at home and abroad will drive up the price of pineapples,” he said.

The central government has been giving special assistance for the export of pineapples, which had climbed from 584 metric tons in 2006 to 4,890 metric tons in 2013, with China and Japan absorbing 90 percent, according to Huang.