Taiwan and Japan engage in culinary diplomacy


By Ted Chen ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The International Affairs Division, Taiwan Tourism Bureau (台灣觀光協會) and their counterparts from Japan’s Kagawa Prefectural Government (香川縣觀光協會) recently held a press conference to bolster relations between Taiwan and Japan through an exchange of their respective culinary arts.

At the event a Taiwanese chef specializing in local beef noodles and a Japanese chef renowned for his skills in hand-making udon noodles joined forces to unveil a juxtaposition of two regional culinary arts. The result was a bowl of Taiwanese beef-based broth adorned with Japan’s world famous Sanuki (讚歧) udon noodles. The event also marked the one-year anniversary of the establishment of direct flights from Taipei to Kagawa Prefecture’s Takamatsu Airport (高松空港). Since 2013 the number of visitors has risen markedly, with airline companies electing to increase the volume of direct flights from two to four weekly.

Since the establishment of direct flights from Taipei to Kagawa, the Taiwanese and Japanese tourism bureaus were delighted to announce that visitors to both destinations saw tremendous growth, with Taiwanese visitors representing 52 percent and Japanese visitors representing 48 percent of the route’s traffic.