TMU chairman discusses his experiences, brand in new motivational memoir


By Joy Lee ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taipei Medical University Chairman Tsu-Der Lee (李祖德) yesterday launched the sale of his new book “Selfless and Boundless: The Personal Brand of Tsu-Der Lee,” which aims to inspire enterprises and individuals to envision a better future. Many prominent guests attended the launch event to recommend the book, including the founder of Commonwealth Publishing Group Prof. Kao H.C. Charles, Senior Presidential Advisor Chen C. Sean, Minister of Science and Technology Chang San-cheng and Prof. Lee Ji-ren, from National Taiwan University’s International Business Department.

Lee, who has been in the chairman position for 15 years, said that our lives result from a series of choices. We can choose to focus on doing one thing we enjoy and live a life of comfort, said Lee, or we can leave our comfort zone and challenge our limits to help others and create happiness for ourselves.

“When I am around people, I try to be selfless,” said Lee. “Before I do anything, I want to be boundless, and this is the personal brand that I have been pursuing.”

“In order to be a successful leader, it is necessary to tolerate colleagues who try to argue and provoke you, and keep breaking through all the negative situations in order to reach goals,” said Lee.

Lee Ji-ren said that what Tsu-Der Lee has done at Taipei Medical University (TMU) has made the university and hospital the first successful reform case in Taiwan.

“The reform of TMU is a classic work in the field of Taiwan’s medical management,” said Lee Ji-ren.

Chang said that Lee not only allowed medical management to become a career that people respect but also lets the public realize the importance of a brand.

According to Chang, Lee successfully finalized the acquisition proposal with the former owner of the Swissray Global Healthcare Holding Limited (Swissray) to found a Swissray branch in Taiwan after a 30-hour negotiation in 2011.

“The founding of Swissray helps Taiwan to be presented on the international stage while transforming some precious technologies to Taiwan,” said Chang.

Lee donated 2,600 copies of his new book to public and school libraries nationwide, hoping the younger generations can be fearless when facing challenges and embrace each opportunity that comes to them.