New Taipei Mayor Chu says now’s time to reflect



TAIPEI–New Taipei Mayor Eric Li-luan Chu said Friday that recent student-led protests over a trade-in-services pact with China have helped deepen Taiwan’s democracy but that the country’s democracy now needs to be more carefully examined.

Chu, seen as a potential nominee of the Kuomintang in the 2016 presidential election, said Taiwan has undergone a process of democratization over the past two decades, and it was now time to reflect on the process to make democracy “more effective and more reflective of the public’s will.”

He also said people need to examine why the younger generation is so worried by pressure from globalization and dissatisfied with partisan wrangling and the lack of national solidarity.

Chu suggested that thinking about the situation from a more positive perspective could be beneficial to Taiwan. “Taiwan cannot possibly shut its door and must reach out,” but it should also seriously review its strategy in the face of the globalization wave, Chu said.