KMT tired of Ma-Wang feud: reports


By Katherine Wei ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Kuomintang (KMT) lawmakers have allegedly begun to feel resentful about the feud between President Ma Ying-jeou and Legislate Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng (王金平) after Ma insisted on filing for an appeal regarding Wang’s influence peddling case after the student-led protests ended. According to local media outlets, some lawmakers felt that they were pawns belonging to the party, while others said frankly that they felt “without dignity.” “It is fine that they are not on friendly terms, but it would be unacceptable for the entire KMT to be dragged down by the feud,” said an unnamed KMT lawmaker. “When parents fight, it is the kids who are affected the most; (we hope) they will not get a divorce,” remarked KMT Legislator Huang Chao-shun (黃昭順). Some 20 days into the student-led protesters’ seizure of the Legislature, Wang paid a visit to the students and announced that he would not be holding cross-caucus negotiations regarding the controversial Cross-Strait Trade in Services Agreement before a supervisory law — one of the students’ demands — is passed. As Wang had not revealed his decision beforehand, the lawmakers who had accompanied him to the Legislature reportedly felt tricked, especially after the KMT caucus held a press conference stating that it did not support Wang’s decision. Feud Continues

after Student Movement Also doubling as KMT chairman, Ma accused Wang of influence peddling last September and officially expelled him from the KMT; Wang had filed an injunction in hopes of retaining his KMT membership, over which Ma filed for a counter-appeal. The court recently ruled that Wang is still a legitimate member of the KMT. Just one day after the protests ended, the KMT filed another appeal regarding the court’s ruling. Only Hon Hai tycoon Terry Gou (郭台銘) was able to talk to Ma and Wang equally, a phenomenon that made lawmakers feel disgraced and humiliated. It was also reported that Ma knew of Wang’s promise to the students beforehand and had approved of it, making the situation complicated for the KMT lawmakers.

“It would be fine if Ma and Wang cooperated in the Sunflower Movement, but the lawsuits have continued and apparently, so has their feud … we feel like the abandoned bunch,” said Huang, who added that there are a lot of cases ready to be passed in the Legislative session.