Chia Chi Wan fined NT$2.6 million over expired ingredients


By Joy Lee ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chia Chi Wan (呷七碗) food company, which is famous for providing Taiwanese sticky rice, was fined NT$2.6 million for using expired ingredients and falsely labeling three products, New Taipei City’s Public Health Department said yesterday.

According to the department, over 3,000 pan-fried rice noodles produced by Chia Chi Wan were discovered to have ingredients that were expired.

The Health Department said that the food company also failed the second health inspection while not providing correct information to officials. As such, the department fined the company for each violation.

According to the Health Department, officials conducted an inspection on March 27 at the Chia Chi Wan manufacturing facility. They discovered that a food additive that the manufacturer added into the pan-fried rice noodles had expired seven days earlier, on March 20.

The health department said that the manufacturer initially denied violating the regulations, but eventually confessed to using expired ingredients during the questioning on April 7.

Health Department official Lin Kuan-chin (林冠蓁) said that Chia Chi Wan also falsely labeled three products, including pan-fried rice noodles, Taiwanese sticky rice and Chia Chi Wan sticky rice.

Even though the department demanded the manufacturer notify retailers to take all the products that contain expired ingredients off shelves, the manufacturer did not notify the retailers immediately.

According to the department, all 2,010 kilograms of pan-fried rice noodles were sold in traditional markets nationwide while the 1,025 kilograms of pan-fried rice noodles are still being recycled from retailers.

Officials of the Health Department said that during their first visit to the manufacturer, there were cockroaches in the cooking area and cleaning equipment laying everywhere, and the officials ordered the manufacturer to correct the issues.

However, the officials said that the manufacturer did not correct all the issues when the officials went back for a second visit.

According to the Health Department, Chia Chi Wan was fined for all the violations it made, and based on the high profits that the company makes each year, the officials fined the company NT$2.6 million.

According to the company’s official website, it was founded in 1980 as a food stand, and in 1992, a central kitchen was built for the company to manufacture and produce food. The company’s products can be purchased at convenience stores nationwide and shops at many schools in Taiwan.