Son saves mother’s life from text message clues


The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A son recently saved his mother’s life when he reacted quickly to her text messages. His mother sent him text messages asking him to behave himself and saying that she could not bear to leave him. Upon receiving messages from his mother that read “Behave yourself in the future and listen to your grandparents,” “Mom feels apologetic to you and cannot bear to leave you the most,” the son of the lady surnamed Hung reported the case to local policemen in Taoyuan in the hopes of preventing his mother from committing suicide. Police were able to locate Hung’s whereabouts from her last phone calls and messages, only to discover that the woman was in Kaohsiung’s Cijin District. After notifying the police in Cijin, a search group finally located Hung in a motel. Hung had taken sleeping pills in an attempt to take her own life, but she was revived after being rushed to the hospital. According to Hung’s son, his mother had been feeling upset and had run away from home; police assistance prevented a tragedy from happening.

After meeting her son and listening to his soothing words, Hung abandoned all thoughts of taking her own life and promised she would not worry her son anymore, police said.

Citizens feeling depressed are welcome to call the national suicide prevention hotline 1995, the police added.