Fashion dreams come true


The China Post news staff

On the first day of Taipei IN Style, the runaway shows set the bar high. Very high. Several Keraia lines first opened the afternoon, showing the various sides of modern women. Several sophisticated cuts showed the romantic side of ladies with patterns of roses in red and gray. Each garment had clean lines with elements of Parisian chic, telling the story of successful businesswomen. Three brands from Hangzhou designer labels — Lesies, Sungreen and I Love Choc — stole the limelight. The brands, with three different personalities ranging from mischievous to playful and rebellious, created a dynamic fashion show while unveiling the designers’ unique personalities. Next, Athena Chuang presented a show full of imagination not unlike a surreal dream. With light pastels in gradients of pink, green and yellow, the designer succeeded in maintaining the right balance between hard and soft fabrics, creating garments every girl desires

時尚夢想成真 第一天台北魅力展三場高水準的走秀為日後幾天的動態秀設下了高標準。 Keraia品牌聯展秀出現代女性的多樣風貌。精緻的剪裁與鐵灰、玫紅色系結合,再融合玫瑰圖騰展現女人的浪漫風情。每一件服飾都帶著巴黎氛圍的俐落剪裁,敘述著摩登女性幹練的一面。隨後,來自杭州的三個品牌—藍色傾情、聖格瑞拉以及我愛巧克力—在鎂光燈下演繹三種不同風格的時裝穿搭。從帶點調皮色彩的設計,到有點叛逆的個性服飾讓展場充滿時尚張力之外也秀出設計師的獨特個性。最後,Athena Chuang以時裝妝點了一個超現實的夢境。融合了淺粉色系的色調,在柔與剛之間找到了最和諧的平衡,也編織了一場時尚之夢。