Glamorous fashion meets IN Style


The China Post news staff

In line with the fashion heat that kick-started on Thursday, two more runway shows put another four brands into the spotlight on the second day of Taipei IN Style, including labels from Taipei, Macau, mainland China and Hong Kong. “Le Mode Desire” opened the show with a collection of elegant gowns in the tones of black, red, blue and white. Influenced by the mixing culture between China and Portugal, the designer combined oriental elements of embroidery into Western-style night dresses and created a luxurious, classic look for each garment. The Macanese label was followed by her Chinese counterpart, Fang Fang, which focused on two colors for the whole collection. Fang Fang’s ready-to-wears delivered a sense of serene simplicity, yet contemporary chic thanks to the hollow fabric in the tone of brown and black. Next came Spy Henry Lau from Hong Kong and his sensual design for men and women. The innovative 3D structures as well as forward thinking challenged conventional ideas about evening dresses. Last but not least, Taipei-based DOUCHANGLEE further electrified the night with a glamorous 2014 Spring/Summer collection, nickname “Flower Mirage.” The collection, which gathered several rounds of applause, unveiled the two designers’ textile digital printing skills, adding some avant-garde flavor into this elegant collection. ■


接連著昨日掀起的時尚熱潮,兩場時尚走秀包含兩岸四地—台灣、澳門、中國、香港—的設計師們在鎂光燈下爭奇鬥艷。澳門品牌Le Mode Desire以黑、藍、紅、白色系的晚禮服系列開場。在中國與葡萄牙文化的薰陶之下,設計師將東方風味的刺繡運用在西方晚禮服之中,創造出奢華卻不失典雅的禮服系列。而中國的設計品牌芳芳則以兩種顏色貫穿整場走秀。芳芳的每日穿搭傳達出一種安寧簡單卻不失別緻的氣氛。獨特的鏤空設計在黑、橘兩色系之間創造出簡單的時尚。而來自香港的Spy Henry Lau則設計了帶點俏皮性感的男女時裝。獨特的3D立體剪裁構造以及前衛思想再再挑戰人們對晚宴服的想像。而最後,台灣DOUCHANGLEE品牌則展出他們今年春夏—花間幻影—系列。透過科技印花列印技術,在優雅柔美中展現了一點前衛時尚,讓這個系列博得滿堂喝采。■