Technology + Design = Fashion


The China Post news staff

Taipei IN Style also provides participants with in-depth knowledge of the textile and fashion industry. Yesterday morning, Peter Ingwersen, creative director of WE Fashion, shared several tips on how the Taiwanese fashion industry can take a step forward and differentiate itself globally. “Technology is Taiwan’s backbone, merging it with emotional and rational elements can create a great story that pushes Taiwan to the world,” said Ingwersen. In the afternoon, Jason Lin from Epson also gave a presentation about how revolutionary digital prints can benefit the industry with their high-quality, low-cost and time-saving characteristics. Digital prints can be applied to all kinds of apparel as well as accessories. The technology can print out a huge variety of colors and the process has been adopted by many well-known designers from around the world. Hopefully in the near future, using the nation’s strong points along with technology, Taiwan will gain an increasingly prestigious position in the fashion industry with unique designs and high quality. ■

科技+設計= 時尚 台北魅力展結合紡織和時尚業最前線的深度和知識給所有共襄盛舉的參與者。WE Fashion創意總監 Peter Ingwersen 分享如何使台灣在國際中區隔出自有的獨創市場並闊步往前。他表示:「科技是台灣的主軸,結合台灣理性面和感性面的元素就能創造出高價值的產品,把台灣推向國際,走向世界。」 台灣愛普生產業印刷營業部的行銷業務經理林志哲則在研討會中與大家解釋如何利用省時、提高品質又能降低成本的數位印花科技助益產業。數位印花可應用在各種不同服飾和配件,能印出多種色調並且被世界知名設計師採用。 期盼在不久的將來,運用臺灣的優勢再配上科技,我們就能憑著高品質和獨特設計在時尚業獨占鰲頭。 ■