Communications systems forecast to dominate global IC sales in 2014



TAIPEI, Taiwan — Communications systems are expected to show the biggest global sales in the integrated circuit category this year, replacing computer systems for the first time, market information advisory firm IC Insights forecast Saturday.

In a research report, IC Insights said that for years, computer systems were the largest source of sales in the global semiconductor business, but the landscape is expected to change this year amid strong demand for communications devices, in particular mobile devices.

The value of the IC market is expected to be around US$285.9 billion, with communications systems accounting for 37.9 percent of the total, computer systems 36.3 percent, consumer electronics 11.2 percent and automotive electronics 7.6 percent, the report said.

Industrial electronics and government/military applications are expected to make up 6.2 percent and 0.9 percent, respectively, of the total sales in the global IC market, the advisory firm said.

In the Americas, Japan and the Asia-Pacific, communications, computers and consumer electronics will be the top three components of the IC market in 2014, the report forecast.

These three categories are expected to account for 83.4 percent of IC sales in the Americas in 2014, while communications will make up 38 percent, it said.

In the Asia Pacific region, the three categories will account for 92.3 percent of total IC sales this year, while communications systems will take 41.6 percent, the report predicted.

In Japan, the three categories are expected to make up 78.5 percent of total IC sales, with computer systems likely to take a 25.4 percent share, IC Insights said.

In Europe, the three top IC categories are communications, computers and automotive electronics, which are expected to account for 80.6 percent of that region’s total IC revenue in 2014, with communications taking a 28.1 percent share, IC Insights said.