Exploring the online retail market in mainland China


The China Post news staff

Shopping habits have undergone a major transformation in recent years. A new procurement mode — online shopping — has been thriving over the past few years, creating new opportunities, according to Taipei IN Style. In this regard, Tian Guang (田光), the director of the Global Business Department from JD.Com (京東商城), one of the biggest online networks in mainland China, pointed out that JD.Com has been cooperating with several brands and supporting them in selling, marketing and distributing products in mainland China, creating an excellent reputation among buyers. Taking into consideration experiences from the past, Tian said it is important to have a complete distribution system in an online shopping system so that both sellers and buyers can save time and effort. In addition, the marketing skill of the website is also essential in establishing a successful online platform. “We also hope that JD.Com can help more people to introduce their brands into mainland China,” said Tian. ■

前進中國網路市場 現代的消費習慣已然改變,一種新的採購模式—網購—正在興起。而中國,身為世界上最大的市場之一,在網購市場也有極大的發展可能性。今天在台北魅力展上,京東商城國際業務部總監田光來到現場與大家分享中國網路市場的潛力以及如何在中國網購市場打出一片天。 京東商城是中國最大的幾個網購平台之一,目前也與多家品牌合作,成功地在消費者之間建立起良好口碑。綜合過去的經驗,田總監說明一個完整的物流體系是建立良好網購系統的必要條件。好的物流體系能省下買家及賣家的時間以及精力。再者,行銷手法也是必不可缺的條件之一。 田總監總結道:「我們也希望京東商城能幫助更多人將自己的品牌引進中國。」■