P&G celebrates 20 years of battling cancer, saving lives


By Joy Lee, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Procter & Gamble (P&G) yesterday celebrated 20 years of its 6 Minutes Protect A Life campaign that aims to promote women’s cancer awareness. The campaign ambassador, supermodel Lin Chi-ling (林志玲), led a team of female cancer survivors to perform as cheerleaders to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this P&G campaign that has helped save the lives of so many women. Ajit Nayak, P&G Taiwan-Hong Kong general manager, said that 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of 6 Minutes Protect A Life Program. “The death rate from cervical cancer in Taiwan has decreased dramatically by 65 percent since P&G started the program,” said Nayak. “The death rate from breast cancer has also significantly decreased due to regular screening.” “More importantly, through regular screening, 80 percent of breast and cervical cancer cases in Taiwan are now diagnosed at early stages, leading to better treatment. Through everyone’s support, the movement has spread across Taiwan, helping millions of women over two decades,” said Nayak. This year, Nayak said, P&G took another breakthrough step to increase participation in the program. “We started the 6 Minutes Month, an online donation program on Facebook,” said Nayak. “This helps us to leverage the social network of celebrities and leaders across Taiwan to influence and remind their families and friends to take action.” “In just a month, we reached 1 million people by converting 13,000 consumers into advocates to spread the word about cancer prevention. P&G is committed to continually investing to help women live healthy and beautiful lives, and keeping families happy all over Taiwan,” said Nayak.

Wu Chien-yuan (吳建遠), division chief of the Bureau of National Health Promotion’s Cancer Control and Prevention Division, said that she cannot believe that it has been 20 years since P&G started the campaign. “Not too many people have the passion to continue promoting one thing for 20 years non-stop,” said Wu. “In the past 20 years, the government has relied on P&G to pass on the idea of regular screening.” Wu said that P&G’s 6 Minutes Protect A life has been so successful that she even received complaints from her male friends that there should be a campaign for men on cancer awareness as well. “Breast cancer still remains a major factor that affects women’s health,” said Wu. “However, screening for cervical cancer has been promoted since 1995 and many women have benefited from it. “Therefore, we hope to see the same great results in breast cancer cases,” said Wu. Lin Chi-ling Cheers with Cancer Survivors Lin, who has been the 6 Minutes Protect A Life campaign ambassador for many years, led a team of female cancer survivors to celebrate life after cancer. “Through this performance, I hope more people can see the positivity and strength of cancer survivors,” said Lin. “I also hope that patients who are going through cancer treatments now can step out of the low points of their lives and keep smiling for a brighter future.” Among the team of cancer survivors, two are over 60 years old, and they only spent eight hours to practice the dance moves. However, they said that after conquering cancer, they aren’t afraid of any challenge. Lin said that being able to perform as a cheerleader is like a dream come true for her. “I hope everyone can feel our energy and fight against cancer with your courage,” said Lin.