‘Intestine Flower’ forum gives air to complaints


By Katherine Wei ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Nearly 1,000 citizens showed up for the “Ultimate Intestine Flower Forum” held from late Saturday night until yesterday morning to complain about the government and its many policies. Started by a netizen on Facebook, participants of the forum gathered at the memorial monument of the “White Terror” victims on Ketagelan Boulevard and received four warnings from police officers holding signs throughout the night. The police, however, did not attempt to evict the participants after setting up barbed barriers in front of the Presidential Office, despite the gathering’s lack of authorization. A satirical twist of the “Sunflower Movement” (太陽花運動), the Intestine Flower (大腸花) forum had been held for several nights previously, before the student movement occupying the Legislature reached its end. Held at night, the forums allowed one person on stage at once, relieving him or herself of all the negative opinions that had been brimming during the 24-day siege.

Like its earlier versions, insults and profanities were tossed around during the “Ultimate” forum on Saturday, most targeted at the government’s handling of recent events and were live-streamed on YouTube.

A local celebrity showed up at the forum, shouting her disgust at politicians, fellow stars who refused to voice their opinions concerning the government and at mainland China, later taking off her brassiere and giving it to the participants. Like student activist leader Chen Wei-ting (陳為廷), whose t-shirt was auctioned at roughly NT$120,000 and donated to a citizens’ group after he had stripped it off at a previous forum, the celebrity declared that her undergarment would also be sold for donations. The meeting ended after the participants gathered and shouted their protest in the direction of the Presidential Office.