I came, I saw, I conquered, with my shoes


The China Post news staff

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Though Monroe didn’t say anything about men, it is said that you can tell how a person is by his/her shoes. Sweet Villians provides men’s shoes made with high quality cow leather and canvas in fun patterns as well as classic designs. Moreover, the brand is able to make your own unique pairs according to your tastes. Also, Abcense plays with geometry on their heels, deconstructing and reconstructing the body of shoes, depicting contemporary art in the perfect way. Creative director Eva I-hua Lai (賴奕華) of i’alave hopes to give women the sensation that they are walking on clouds by using transparent heels. The blue hue caresses your feet like the ocean breeze and the yellow is like a warm summer sun. The warmth of the traditional Taiwanese craftsmanship is sensed with Zoody, one is able to appreciate their aesthetic design with fine genuine leather. The triangle is said to be a symbol of life, deriving from the shape of life, Weng Xin-yu (翁欣瑜), designer of WXY, portrays an androgynous style. Conquer the world with your unique pairs. Throw on a plain white shirt and a simple pair of jeans, you’ll look more stunning than ever with that eye-catching pair of shoes.

用鞋子征服世界吧! 瑪麗蓮夢露Marilyn Monroe曾說:「給女人一雙絕配的美鞋,她就能征服全世界!」雖然女神夢露沒有特別提到男人,不過從一個人的鞋總能看出一個人的性格。 Sweet Villians以帆布和高級牛皮製作的男鞋,除了經典款式也有創意滿分的圖案。還能讓你依個人喜好打造獨一無二的鞋款。Abcense在鞋跟上玩幾何圖形,解構與重構鞋體;完美展現當代藝術於足上。i‚alave的創意總監賴奕華利用透明鞋跟製造出走在空氣上的輕盈感,漫步雲間。藍色鞋跟猶如海風輕拂,黃色則似暖暖夏陽。Zoody傳統台灣的製鞋工藝技術傳遞著溫暖舒適,真皮又具藝術性的設計是簡單的美好。WXY的設計師翁欣瑜,從象徵生命的三角形出發,勾勒出簡約中性味道。 征服世界吧!穿上簡單牛仔褲和白T恤,踩上一雙有個性的鞋,你會是最吸引眾人注目的閃亮星星。