Thai fresh milk to be exported to Taiwan


Asia News Netwrok

Bangkok — The Dairy Farming Promotion Organization is prepared to put its fresh milk products on the shelves in Taiwan in June, before expanding to Hong Kong. “Taiwan is an interesting and high-potential market for ready-to-drink milk. Besides Taiwanese consumers, more than 100,000 Thais are working in the country. We believe that our products have a competitive edge,” Suchart Jariyalertsakdi, a deputy director, said last week. The first to be launched will be “Thai-Danish” brand sweetened and fresh milk in 200-milliliter boxes. “If this move is successful, our sales will rise and this will also increase the possibility of penetrating Hong Kong, China, Japan and South Korea.” The state-owned enterprise has been contacted by two Taiwanese importers. The products have passed quality testing by Taiwan and the DPO has won approval to export the products to the country.

The Thai products stand a good chance of success, as most products available in the country are made from powdered milk and come at a high price. A 200ml box sells for 15 baht, including 3 baht tax. The first lot of about 20 tonnes would be shipped to Taiwan by June. When the products gain a foothold, DPO plans to ship about 40-60 tonnes per month. The products will be first placed in shops and modern trade channels in Taipei.