Robber sent packing by victim’s 10-year-old boy



KAOHSIUNG — A man who tried to rob a woman earlier this month in Kaohsiung never expected that he would be thwarted by her 10-year-old son — who just happened to have a red belt in taekwondo — police said.

Police said that on April 6, the fifth-grader who police identified only by his surname of Hsu was riding a bicycle with his mother to buy lunch. The would-be thief, surnamed Lin, approached the pair on a motorcycle and threw a stone at them.

After the pair fell to the ground, Lin attempted to attack Hsu’s mother with a knife and snatch the gold necklace she was wearing.

Hsu then put his taekwondo skills to use, dealing Lin a heavy blow that brought him to his knees before pulling off his helmet and revealing his face. Lin fled the scene empty-handed but was later apprehended by the police.

Hsu told the police that he didn’t think much at the time, saying that the only thought in his mind was to “protect mother.”

The police said Lin had also tried to rob a gold necklace from another woman April 5, but failed on that occasion too when the woman put up a struggle.