Police return NT$1.3 mil. jewelry to tourist from HK



TAIPEI–A Taiwanese police officer yesterday found a purse containing more than NT$1.3 million (US$42,883) worth of jewelry at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and returned it to the owner, a Hong Kong tourist.

While on duty in the airport’s Terminal 2, the police officer Chao Chung-ming spotted the red purse sitting on a bank counter. It was found to contain a woman’s diamond watch, a 2-carat diamond ring, a pair of pearl earrings and other valuables, worth more than NT$1.3 million.

The police immediately examined the surveillance video footage at the airport and were able to identify a Hong Kong woman as the owner of the purse, after checking the arriving passenger lists.

The travel agency that had booked the woman’s trip was contacted and it was confirmed that the Hong Kong tourist had lost her purse.

The woman went to the airport Wednesday to collect her lost valuables and she expressed gratitude to Chao.