Other parts of the world shaking but Taiwan quiet



TAIPEI–Strong earthquakes that have recently shaken other parts of the world do not have implications for seismic activity around Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau’s Seismology Center said yesterday.

“The triggers behind major earthquakes we have seen lately are different from those that cause earthquakes in Taiwan,” said the center’s director, Kuo Kai-wen.

Temblors in Taiwan are caused by the Philippine Sea Plate moving under the Eurasian Plate, but none of the recent earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or higher have been the result of Philippine Sea Plate activity, Kuo said, meaning had no implications for Taiwan.

The three magnitude 7.5 earthquakes in April — in the Solomon Islands on April 13, in Mexico on April 18 and off the coast of Papua New Guinea on April 19 — all represented normal releases of energy, Kuo said.