Winners of a three-day int’l film competition in South Taiwan revealed


By Chi-hao James Lo, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Tainan City Government yesterday concluded a three-day international film competition co-organized by the German Institute Taipei and Taipeh Vertretung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Officially launched on the evening of Friday, April 25, the film competition took in submissions from interested filmmakers weeks before to select 39 teams to participate in a 39-hour filmmaking challenge. During the event, teams were required to alter a pre-written script developed from a given theme and film then produce and deliver a short film within the assigned time limit.

Each team was given one of 39 Tainan locations to be featured in their 5-minute short film and was required to use a fish as a prop. All teams were given between 9 p.m. on Friday and 1 p.m. Sunday to deliver their films to event curators Till Dietsche and Tai Tin-ling, regardless of obstacles. The team WORKING CLASS ZOMBIES were constrained to a 36-hour production time due to complications with their location’s neighbors, who asked the team to halt progress for three hours. The competition spotlighted a panel of juries to judge and vote on winners for awards based on overall excellence, camera work, film editing, script and sound. Team Hotchpotch, winner of the Golden Tainan Award — the top award of the competition for overall excellence — received the unique opportunity to screen their film “Slush Down” (水拉) at the upcoming 30th Interfilm —the Berlin international short film festival in Germany with juror Heinz Hermanns, CEO and director of the festival. Other judges on the jury included local film producer Peggy Chiao (焦雄屏), local cinematographer Liao Pen-jung (廖本榕) and local film director Daniel H. Wu (吳宏翔) as well as Hollywood indie film director Cosmos Kiindarius. Aside from the 39 short films, the event also highlighted open air workshops prior to the event from jurors Hermanns, Liao and Kiindarius, as well as local film maker Lee Khan (李崗 ), brother of internationally renowned Taiwanese film director Ang Lee.