HTC One M8 owners have high brand loyalty



TAIPEI — Taiwan-based HTC Corp.’s newest flagship smartphone, the HTC One M8, is mainly attracting loyal HTC users although it is also drawing some users away from Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co, according to a U.K.-based phone and gadget trade-in site.

The latest survey by CompareMyMobile revealed that 46.2 percent of people upgrading to the M8 traded in their old HTC device, and roughly the same number of people upgraded from an Apple (23.7 percent) or a Samsung (21.3 percent) device.

As for individual products, 13.2 percent of the people who bought the M8 were upgrading from last year’s HTC flagship phone, the HTC One (M7), while 8 percent of them came from Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and 7 percent previously owned an Apple iPhone 5, according to the findings.

“It’s great to see how loyal the HTC owners have been, particularly the owners of HTC One,” said Ashley Turner, co-founder of CompareMyMobile, which has seen a steady stream of HTC trade-ins upgrading to the newer device since the launch of M8 on March 25.

By contrast, nearly 38 percent of the people who bought Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S5 were upgrading from an Apple iPhone, followed by only 19 percent from an older Samsung model and 16 percent from a Sony phone, CompareMyMobile said in another report released earlier this month.