By Ted Chen, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan –With this year’s university graduation season fast approaching, a survey released by an employment website revealed that a position at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC, 台積電) is deemed the most desirable among Taiwan’s 10 major industry sectors by young professionals entering the workforce this year, followed by Google (Taiwan) and Hon Hai Precision Co. (鴻海).

Conducted by 104 Job Bank, the survey shows that young professionals prefer large-scale enterprises such as Eslite Co. (誠品生活), Formosa Plastics Group (台塑), Yuen Foong Yu (永豐餘), Pegatron Co. (和碩), Taiwan Mobile (台灣大), Yuanta Financial Holdings (元大金控) and Landis Taipei, a five-star hotel. In addition, the survey found that jobs at two unlisted companies, restaurant chain Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) and Rakuten (樂天), a Japan-based online shopping platform, are highly sought after by young professionals.

The company noted that the survey was based on the number of applicants each employer received on its employment website and measured the figure to sector averages.

According to 104 Job Bank, companies with ongoing initial public offering (IPO) plans are especially attractive to young professionals hoping to earn their stake in stock options. For example, swelled by its IPO prospects, Eslite Co. in the survey was rated 579.7-percent higher than its peers in the retail sector. Meanwhile, Rakuten’s Taiwan-based operation was rated 471.8-percent higher than the average for the software and Internet sector, representing the emergence of a dark horse in the survey.

The survey found that overall, 57.7 percent of participants favor large-scale enterprises, 44.9 percent favored companies with reputable brand names and corporate images, and 38.3 percent favored companies with competition-leading products and services. The survey also found that top-ranking companies share the three attributes of operational stability, good teamwork and high dependability. Participants reflected in the survey that they prioritize a good balance between leisure and work, compensation, and working environment when seeking jobs.

104 Job Bank management stated that young professionals favor listed companies due to more stringent requirements in transparency and conformance to regulations, as they tend to strive toward upholding their corporate reputation. In addition, prospective employees are attracted to the possibility of more generous stock options, profit sharing and bonus schemes common in certain industry sectors.