Yung Ching Realty to hire 3,000 workers


TAIPEI — Yung Ching Realty Group, one of Taiwan’s leading real estate agencies, said Tuesday it is looking to hire 3,000 new workers in the second half of the year to widen its talent pool.

The 3,000 job openings include positions for salespeople, who will be guaranteed a monthly salary of NT$50,000 (US$1,667) for the first nine months, according to Lee Ming-tsung, a manager at the realty agency.

In addition, he said, Yung Ching will offer the new employees 360 hours of on-the-job training and a friendly working environment to help them develop their careers.

In the first half of the year, Yung Ching received about 30,000 job applications, 30 percent more than in the same period last year, according to Lee.

The number of applications from first-time jobseekers showed a 32 percent year-on-year increase in the second quarter as the school graduation period approached, he said, attributing the soaring interest to Yung Ching’s offer of a guaranteed monthly salary.

Although the jobless rate among people with a first degree or higher dropped in May to 4.7 percent, the lowest since July 2008, the overall unemployment rate was 3.85 percent, Lee said, citing government statistics.

This prompted many first-time jobseekers to become more proactive in the first half of the year, he said.

Meanwhile, Lee said, Yung Ching is gearing up to introduce a program that will allow its employees to work efficiently and to lead a healthy life at the same time.

As part of that initiative, Yung Ching is encouraging its staff to seek partners inside the company, he said, adding that a marriage earlier this month represented the 200th between Yung Ching employees.