MP & Silva ends CPBL distribution contract


The China Post news staff

MP & Silva abruptly terminated a contract to distribute Taiwan’s professional baseball games in the local media, citing a breach of contract by the league.

The international sports media firm issued a press statement announcing the contract termination at an unusual time, shortly before 3:00 a.m., catching Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) and its broadcast partners off guard and raising concerns whether games could continue to be seen on TV. MP & Silva did not go into detail what terms of the 6-year, NT$2.04 billion contract — signed just at the beginning of 2014 — were breached. CPBL, in response to the surprise move, maintained that it has not breached any of the terms in the contract and demanded MP & Silva provide by the end of today an open and clearer explanation of what it called an “ambiguous and unilaterally issued” press statement. CPBL stressed that the distribution of its live games on the MOD and CPBL TV platforms will not be disrupted despite the row with MP & Silva.

CPBL and MP & Silva singed the distribution contract early this year before the current season began.

It was then hailed as a major deal for CPBL and the four teams in the league, as they would be able to share NT$2.04 billion over the next six years.