LeBron urges youth to shoot for goals

By Joseph Yeh ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Visiting National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Lebron James yesterday called on local young hoop talents to set goals and accomplish them step by step, a move that will ultimately help them accomplish their basketball dreams. Speaking in front of six young Taiwanese hoop players who have been selected to attend a summer camp for rising talent, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star forward encouraged these young players to continue to sharpen their skills by setting different goals at different stages of their lives. “When I was a kid I always challenged myself by setting a different goal each day,” James said at a press conference in Taipei. He said a person has to constantly challenge him or herself both mentally and physically to keep getting better. The 10-time NBA All-Star forward and two-time NBA Finals MVP stressed that the point was never about victories because one cannot win forever.

“The point is to face any obstacle put in front of you and if you fall you have to be able to rise again whether you are victorious or not,” he noted. Stressing that although he was not always a winner, he managed to learn during the process, especially in his high school days when he learned how to shoot the ball better and grab more rebounds from his teammates. Arguably one of the best players in the NBA, the 6 foot 8 all-rounder arrived in Taiwan Thursday as part of his Asian tour that had previously taken him to several Chinese cities.

He met with his fans at Fengshan Stadium, Kaohsiung on Thursday evening to participate in a basketball camp.

He then headed north to Taipei to join the press event and showed up at another hoop camp in New Taipei later yesterday before rounding up his two-day visit. During yesterday’s press conference, James said it has been exactly a decade since he first visited Asia in 2004.

He said the excitement and enthusiasm Asian hoop fans show him are the main reasons prompting him to keep visiting Asia again and again to give his inspiration and words of wisdom about the game of basketball. Over the past decade, he said he has also witnessed the rapid improvement of young hoop players in Asia.

Spend Time with Family

after Retirement Asked about his future goals once he retires from basketball, the 29-yearold Cavaliers’ all-time leading scorer said he now has two children and a third on the way. He noted that the number one priority for him is to spend more time with his family if he doesn’t play professional basketball anymore. James last visited Taiwan in 2011 as a forward for Miami Heat. Earlier this month, he left the Heat after four seasons and four trips to the NBA Finals and resigned with the Cavaliers. When talking to reporters in China earlier this week, James said that he has always wanted to do more for his hometown, Akron, to put the city on the map.