TransAsia chairman visits families

By Joy Lee, The China Post

TransAsia Airways (復興航空) Chairman Vincent Lin (林明昇) yesterday visited a funeral home in Penghu to pay tribute to the families of the victims who passed away in the crash of Flight GE222 that caused the deaths of 48 passengers and injured 10 people.

Lin took the first flight to Penghu yesterday morning after returning from a business trip to United States.

“I cannot bring back the deceased, but I will do everything I can to help the families of the victims,” said Lin.

He held the hands of the victims’ family members and shed tears when talking to them, compressing his lips when the heartbroken families of victims asked him questions about the crash.

Lin later told the press that the airline will definitely take care of everything for the victims’ families and he apologized to all of society on behalf of the airline.

“All the employees of TransAsia Airways and I are devastated and sadden by the crash of Flight GE222,” said Lin.

According to Lin, all of the airline’s employees and resources will be used to fulfill the demands of victims’ families in order to help them get through this tough time.

Lin said that the requests from victims’ families are currently listed as the priority by the airline, and he promised that the airline will take full responsibility for the accident.

TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 departed from Kaohsiung International Airport around 5:43 p.m. on Wednesday. A typhoon was sweeping across Taiwan on the day of the accident. Unable to land smoothly, the pilot attempted a second landing, later crashing on a small patch of empty land one to two kilometers away from Magong airport’s landing strip. 11 TransAsia Flight Attendants Reportedly Quit

Local media reported that 11 flight attendants of TransAsia Airways tendered their resignation a day after the crash of Flight GE222.

The airline, however, denied the reports.

According to local reports, even though all TransAsia Airways’ flight attendants have to sign a contract that states that they have to pay the airline compensation of NT$300,000 if they quit within three years of being hired, 11 flight attendants still resigned after the crash.

A former flight attendant, identified only as Cathy, said that many senor flight attendants have children and spouses, so they tend to worry more whenever a crash takes place, which makes them consider leaving the industry.

The two pilots and two flight attendants of TransAsia Airways Flight GE222 all died in the crash.