Signal problems delay six high-speed trains

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwan’s high-speed railway experienced signal problems yesterday, during which six south-bound trains were delayed, according to the company running the service. Four of the six delayed trains overshot their stops at Taoyuan Station because of the signal problems and had to move backwards to the right positions in order to let passengers get on and off, the Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSR) said. It took about one and half hours to fix the problem, and about 3,600 passengers were affected by the incident, THSR said. Some of the trains were delayed for more than 30 minutes, which means their passengers are entitled to a refund of half the ticket price or a half-price coupon for a future ride, the company said. While the company was fixing the problem, announcements were made at Taoyuan Station to explain the situation to passengers waiting to get on their trains.

This is the ninth time that the high-speed railway has experienced signal problems this year. The company and its system supplier are expected to release a report mid-August to how the problem can be solved. THSR said it is not unusual for trains to have to move backwards after arriving at stations if there are signal problems.