Smartwatch in video not ‘an actual product’: HTC


TAIPEI — HTC Corp. (宏達電) said Monday that the smartwatch seen in one of its recent commercial videos is not an actual product it is planning to release.

In an official video entitled “HTC Design — Behind the Scenes” released on YouTube earlier this month, some viewers noticed a mysterious smartwatch on the desk of an HTC employee and another on a monitor in an HTC office.

The Taiwanese handset maker said that the device seen in the video is not an actual product for sale but hinted that some “exciting” new products may be released soon.

“HTC encourages our design team to explore and tinker with new ideas and even models, as is the case with the watch some viewers noticed in the HTC Design video,” the Taoyuan-based company said in an e- ailed statement.

“It in no way indicates an actual product HTC is planning to release. Watch this space for exciting new products from HTC when they are ready to be announced!” it said.

Wearable devices could be a new growth driver for HTC, at one point the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker, which swung back to profit in the second quarter of this year after three quarters of operating loss.

HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang confirmed in February that after years of development, her company planned to unveil its first wearable device in time for the Christmas shopping season this year.

Research firm Gartner Inc. has forecast that the majority of revenue from wearable smart devices over the next four years will come from athletic shoes and fitness tracking, communications devices for the ear, and automatic insulin delivery systems for diabetics.

HTC shares closed down 0.73 percent at NT$136.50 (US$4.56) Monday in Taipei.