Venezuelan hero Bolivar gets blockbuster treatment


CARACAS, Venezuela–Latin America’s greatest hero is finally getting a big-budget, Hollywood-style epic befitting his towering stature.

Simon Bolivar, who led the liberation of much of South America from the Spanish in the early 19th century, is the subject of “The Liberator,” a two-hour epic that is among the costliest movies ever produced in Latin America. The biopic, which was filmed in four Venezuelan and 12 Spanish cities, tells the tale of the high-born aristocrat turned revolutionary who helped free much of the continent from colonialism.

The trade publication Variety says the movie cost US$50 million, a budget unheard of in South American cinema. It is packed with stars, including hunky up-and-coming Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez as Bolivar. Ramirez won some international fame playing another Venezuelan figure, the terrorist Carlos the Jackal, in the 2010 French miniseries “Carlos.”