Kai Ko released from custody after drug bust

By Adam Tyrsett Kuo ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震東) was released at midnight today from custody in Beijing. Ko was arrested in mainland China for using cannabis on Aug. 14 and was held in custody for two weeks. Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), was also arrested in the same drug bust. More than 100 grams of cannabis was found at his residence in Beijing. Ko’s parents yesterday departed for Beijing to bring their son home. Ko is slated to hold a press conference at 2:30 p.m. at the Regent Beijing to issue an apology, Ko’s agent said, adding that the actor will hold another press conference in Taipei tomorrow.

Hair and Urine Samples Taipei City Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division said that once Ko departs from mainland China, police will be dispatched to wait for him at the airport. Once Ko’s identity has been verified at the airport, a warrant will be shown to him, and with the actor’s consent, he will be brought in for hair and urine samples and asked to explain the details of the case, after which prosecutors will be notified, the Criminal Investigation Division explained.

‘Gag order,’ Others Arrested According to local reports, Ko’s management was asked by an unidentified party to choose its words carefully and refrain from implicating other celebrities in the drug scandal. In response, Ko’s agent denied the existence of what the local media has termed a “gag order,” adding, however, that the management team will not comment on the case because the investigation is still ongoing. According to local reports, the mainland Chinese authorities confirmed that several women were arrested along with Ko and Chan. Two were identified as being mainland Chinese starlets Li Xiaonan (李曉楠) and Chang Yijiao (常一嬌), both of whom reportedly tested positive for cannabis.

Background, Lead-up Ko, 23, broke through after starring in the 2011 film “You Are the Apple of My Eye.” The actor won a Golden Horse award for best newcomer in the same year. On Aug. 18, police in Beijing confirmed that Ko had been arrested on Aug. 14, following several days of widespread rumors. His agent reaffirmed the news on the same day, issuing an apology on his behalf. Ko’s father departed for Beijing in the evening to visit his son. When asked, Ko’s father said that his son will have to take responsibility for his actions. Ironically, Ko was hired to appear in an anti-drug public information film commissioned by the Ministry of Justice. The film was subsequently withdrawn following confirmation of Ko’s arrest. Footage of Ko in the detention center was released, which showed the actor breaking down in tears and saying that he had disappointed his friends and family. It has been widely speculated that Ko’s career on the Chinese mainland has come to an end in light of his arrest, given that entertainment associations in mainland China have declared that any actor or singer found to be involved with drugs would not be hired.