Gov’t plans NT$130 bil. worth of development projects

By John Liu, The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The government will team up with the private sector on NT$130 billion worth of urban renewal, port construction, land development and other government projects in 2015. Taiwan has seen great private investment activities recently. To keep the momentum going, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) is scheduled to hold the second investment conference on Sept. 25. The MOF held the first investment conference in March, and as of August, the private sector has inked 71 deals with the government, ranging from urban renewal, port construction to land development projects, with a total worth of NT$87.9 billion.

The MOF is set to roll out 71 co-development projects next year as well, with the amount invested growing to NT$130 billion. Among them is an urban renewal project close to the Port of Kaohsiung (worth NT$31.3 billion), a commercial development project located near Kaohsiung MRT’s Aozihdi Station (worth NT$20 billion). In Taipei, there is an aviation related industrial development project near Taipei Songshan Airport (worth NT$20 billion) and an urban renewal project located on the south side of the Zhong Shan Girls High School (worth NT$3.8 billion). In other parts of Taiwan, there is an international technology and business conference center BOT project in Hsinchu City (worth NT$4.96 billion), and a yacht management center BOT project at the Anpin Fishing Port in Tainan.