Doctors back from Nigeria share Ebola lessons


TAIPEI–Two doctors Taiwan sent to Nigeria to help manage the health of Taiwanese living there have returned home, and shared with the public Friday their hands-on experience in fighting Ebola. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) doctors, Luo Yi-chun and Tsai Huai-te, said they exchanged views on the disease with doctors from the World Health Organization and U.S. based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as getting advice from Nigerian doctors on the front line.

he key to curbing the epidemic is to have enough medical personnel available and provide proper information to the public to counteract rumors that could undermine disease control efforts, Luo said. After spending 12 days in the Nigerian cities of Lagos and Abuja, Luo and Tsai said they also learned from local doctors about their response to the outbreak.

The two doctors then shared with some 60 Taiwanese people living there relevant information on Ebola risks, measures to minimize the risks and advice for managing potential exposure.