Key suspect in police detective’s killing detained

By Joy Chang ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — A suspect connected to the fatal attack on a police detective has been detained after being transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office yesterday afternoon.

Wan Shao-cheng (萬少丞), allegedly a member of the Bamboo Union, reported to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Taipei City Police Department on Friday, accompanied by his attorney and his father, former Pine Union (松聯幫) kingpin Wan Nien-Hsiang (萬年祥). After being interrogated by police officers at Taipei City Police Department’s Xinyi Precinct, Wan was transferred to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO) yesterday. Local media speculated that Wan may face murder charges.

Police detective Hsueh Chen-kuo (薛貞國) was fatally beaten by 50 alleged gangsters outside of a nightclub in Xinyi district on Sept. 14. According to local reports, Wan and another suspect, Chou Yu-teng (周譽騰), summoned dozens of assailants to the nightclub and led the attack on Hsueh. Wan, Chou and Tseng Wei-hao’s (曾威豪) associate Hsiao Jui-hung (蕭叡鴻) are all affiliated with the Zhongshan Union, which is connected to criminal syndicates. Police have issued an arrest warrant for Chou, who has not turned himself in.

According to local reports, being beaten with a pole from a line-divider barrier fractured Hsueh’s skull. Wan is suspected of wielding a pole and using it to strike Hsueh. However, Wan stated that since the tendons in his left arm were injured during a gang-related brawl last month, he cannot lift a pole up from the ground. However, Wan is seen wielding a pole on surveillance video, which led him to amend his testimony, saying that although he was holding the pole, he did not beat Hsueh with it.

As of press time, 34 suspects have been interrogated, including the main suspects of aiding and abetting the murder, Tseng Wei-hao (曾威豪) and his girlfriend Liu Hsin-tung (劉芯彤). Nineteen suspects were transferred to the TDPO. Many confessed to punching or kicking Hsueh. Three Soldiers Involved Wan was transferred to the TDPO with six more suspects. Two out of the six suspects are soldiers; one is a military police officer who reports to the 202 Military Police Command in Boai Special District (博愛特區), the area where the Presidential Office Building and central government agencies are located.

Military spokesman Luo Shou-he (羅紹和) stated that the military police is responsible for general duties, not the security of the Presidential Office Building and official residences of the president and vice president. Therefore, Luo appealed to the press to not read too much into the suspect’s background as a military police officer.

Lou maintained that the military will cooperate with prosecutors to clarify the case. After the investigation, if the soldiers are found to have participated in the fatal beating, the military will hold them accountable to the fullest extent of the law. On the other hand, if the soldiers were simply passersby or onlookers, the military will look into their presence at a nightclub to decide if their behavior should be reprimanded. Wipe Out Criminal Syndicates

The National Police Agency (NPA) commanded all police forces to wipe out criminal organizations in Taiwan, especially the gangs affiliated with nightclubs. Thousands of police officers are dedicated to this mission, an NPA spokesman said. Premier Jiang Yi-huah (江宜樺) requested that police increase the number of inspections of nightclubs and other establishments where illegal activities might occur.