Miaoli mitten crabs to be released in October

By Joy Chang ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Miaoli mitten crabs will officially be on the market in October, Miaoli County (苗栗縣) Commissioner Liu Cheng-hung (劉政鴻) said yesterday afternoon at a press conference.

Over the past few years, with local government assistance, the thriving crab farming aquaculture industry in Miaoli has been producing high-quality mitten crabs. According to a press release, Miaoli’s mitten crabs are considered a culinary delicacy by many Taiwanese. The press release stated that Miaoli is now famous for its production of mitten crabs, along with other cultural attractions the Tung blossoms and Dahu Strawberries.

The Miaoli County Government cooperated with Shanghai Ocean University and signed a “Chinese Mitten Crab Culture Technology Cooperation Agreement,” to develop the farming of mitten crabs in 2011. The number of crab farms has been increasing, reaching 103 in 2014. Liu said that the number of crabs breeding in these farms has reached 800,000, generating an annual output of millions of Taiwanese dollars.

The owners of crab farms safeguard the quality of Miaoli mitten crabs by setting five guarantees, namely a healthy broodstock delivered directly from the Shanghai Ocean University breeding center, the customized feed produced by the university specifically for Miaoli mitten crabs, the grown crabs’ passing of all drug residue tests, the eco-friendly farm environment and the standard size of each crab.

Most importantly, as waterweeds are planted to regulate the amount of oxygen in the water, chemicals such as antibiotics are not used in the crab farms. According to Liu, consumers can enjoy the delicacy without any qualms. Liu said that the first-rate Miaoli’s mitten crabs will be sold to customers all over Taiwan. Each crab is tagged with a label of three different colors: gold, silver and green. These colors distinguish the weight of each crab. In addition, customers may scan the QR code printed on the labels to obtain information about the crabs, such as the environment of the crab farm.