Vietnamese man drowns after rescuing child in Tainan

By Chi-hao James Lo ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Vietnamese news agency Thanh Nien News recently reported that a Vietnamese man named Tran Ngoc Cong died after successfully rescuing a child from drowning in Tainan. The incident was not known locally until the news went viral after netizens shared the story, initially reported in Vietnam.

According to reports, Tran, a 28-year-old man from the northern Vietnamese province of Nam Dinh, was a worker in Taiwan who did not know how to swim but still decided to sacrifice himself to save a drowning Taiwanese boy. Reports indicate that Tran was a foreign employee at a farm in Tainan. A boy and his father visited Tran’s employer, the owner of the farm, on Sept. 13. While playing near a pond, the boy fell into the 2-meter-deep body of water. The boy’s father and Tran both jumped into the pond to rescue the boy, and after that was successful the boy’s father said Tran disappeared. Tran’s body was found an hour later with no signs of life.

Local Reports

Slammed as Misleading Several local reports have since reported that Tran was an illegal worker who had run away from his contractual employer. However, Tran’s latest employer then released a statement slamming the reports as untruthful. Tran’s employer stated that Tran was legal and was merely in the process of a contractual transfer before his unfortunate demise. Tran’s employer also stated that the local and Vietnamese reports that stated that Tran received no help or appreciation from the boy’s family are false, and the employer himself was appointed as a handler to aid in the transfer of Tran’s remains back to Vietnam.