FedEx showcases IoT-enabled SenseAware service in Taiwan

By Ted Chen ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Michael Chu (朱興榮), managing director of FedEx Taiwan, recently provided an in-depth overview of the company’s SenseAware service, the latest innovative offering by the global logistics powerhouse.

Powered by the emerging collection of technologies termed Internet of Things (IoT), FedEx’s SenseAware is the next-generation information service that empowers customers with better control of their supply chains and an extra layer of security for their most critical logistical needs such as the delivery of time and environment-sensitive shipments through constant near real-time monitoring.

Keeping in the tradition of the company’s long track record of breakthrough innovations, FedEx’s SenseAware service is built on the vision of ubiquitous connectivity embedded among objects that define IoT.

Each critical SenseAware shipment is accompanied by a multi-sensor device capable of monitoring precise changes in temperature, relative humidity, light exposure levels, barometric pressure readings, and sustained shock events.

“Supply chain in this age of IoT is no longer just about cost and speed, but also information,” said Chu. “With SenseAware, we are redefining shipment monitoring by providing unmatched and near real-time visibility into shipments at every step of the way, empowering our clients with the ability to make smarter and timelier decisions in navigating today’s increasingly complex and global supply chains,” said Chu.

According to the company, clients will be able to review and utilize SenseAware tracking information with accompanying Web-based software. With the added access to information, clients are able to share such findings collaboratively with business partners across the supply chains and identify optimization opportunities.

Chu added that the SenseAware service is suitable for a wide range of clients with varying shipping volume requirements

SenseAware, with its tremendous information monitoring capabilities, is especially suited for delivery of critical and high-value items such as technology components, life-saving medical equipment, confidential documents, jewelry, artwork and antiques.

In addition, to suit the requirement of life science and medical deliveries, the device is capable of measuring temperatures ranging from minus 80 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius with a dry ice probe, and a cryogenic probe that can measure extreme temperatures ranging between minus 195 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius.