Chiang Been-huang appointed new minister of health & welfare

By Queena Yen ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Chiang Been-huang (������), current minister without portfolio in charge of social welfare, health and technology issues at the Executive Yuan, will take over as minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW), Premier Jiang Yi-huah (���y��) confirmed yesterday during an interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan. Regarding his new position, Chiang stated that he will give his all while serving the public. In addition, he also feels confident in his ability to solve the problems of the recent oil scandals within a month and hopefully regain the public’s faith in Taiwan’s food safety. To deal with the food safety issue, Chiang has four critical policies: to reinforce the management of food sources, to set up a three-level quality control system, to utilize information communication technology in integrating food management and to diversify the management of different oil products.

Chiang stressed the importance of diversifying oil management, saying that companies involved in producing oil for human consumption, animal feed or industrial use should all be involved in the project. In addition, the government should keep track of every delivery and use of the oil products.

Chiang said that imported raw materials will be a critical focus for the government in future. Although it may be complicated to set up a complete system to manage all kinds of food products, he will do whatever he can to do so as soon as possible, noting that he has already invited specialists to deliberate on the issue.

According to Chiang, the food safety office of the Executive Yuan has been getting ready for the tasks at hand. Around 20 specialists from various fields will team up to put together a system regarding food safety issues.

Talent for Food Safety Issues is Essential: Jiang According to the premier, it is because Chiang specializes in food and biotechnology that he recruited Chiang to the Executive Yuan, hoping that Chiang can help the nation build a long-term system for food safety and health issues. Jiang also stated that in his time at the Executive Yuan, Chiang has gained a great deal of experience dealing with national health matters. In addition, Chiang has also coordinated different departments and conferences related to food safety in recent times.

��Although Chiang does not have a background in medicine or public health as previous MHW ministers did, it is essential to have someone who understands food safety issues to guide the MHW in this moment while we are under a food safety crisis,�� said the premier.

��Chiang participated in many conferences related to the oil scandals over the last few months. He understands more about the policies and potential solutions in this field than other candidates,�� he continued.

As for other responsibilities related to the MHW, like disease control and Ebola prevention, the unfinished Long-term Care Services draft left by the last minister and other matters related to social welfare, Jiang stated that Chiang also has an understanding of these issues.