Outrage in Ottawa over ‘lone wolf’

By John J. Metzler

UNITED NATIONS — Canada has yet again been given a reality jolt. Twice within three days, ��lone wolf�� terrorists have killed Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil; one outside Montreal and another at the symbolic National War Memorial in Ottawa. The Ottawa incident also saw the apparent lone gunmen rush into the Houses of Parliament, wildly firing shots in an attempt kill legislators. Fortunately he failed.

The assailant, a recent convert to radical Islam, was shot and killed by the Parliament’s Ceremonial Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers, a veteran of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. (RCMP). The Toronto Star stated editorially, ��The heart of Canada’s democracy has been invaded and violated.��

��This week’s events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world,�� warned Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a somber address to the nation.

Stephen Harper vowed, ��We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated.��

So once again Canadians are tragically reminded it can happen here. Even in such a seemly safe place as Ottawa, the staid Canadian capital city. Though Canada has seen a number of terrorist plots thwarted in recent years by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, only recently did Canada ramp up its terror threat level.

One pundit wrote in Toronto’s National Post, ��Canadians simply do not take security seriously. It’s not on our radar.��

Something was brewing. Given Canada’s long running participation in the NATO mission against Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan and especially since the parliament voted to sendRoyal Canadian Air Force CF-18 fighter jets and support units to help fight the Islamic State in Iraq, there’s been an almost pregnant pause. Would something happen?