Older generation of actors featured in 49th Golden Bell Awards Ceremony

By Chi-hao James Lo ,The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan —  Minister of Culture Lung Ying-tai (�s���x) yesterday attended the 49th Television Golden Bell Awards Ceremony (������) to present the accolade of ��Special Contribution Award�� to 88-year-old veteran actor Chang Ping-yu (�i�B��) and late producer Huang Li-ming (������). The award ceremony was hosted in two parts, with the Radio Golden Bell Awards previously held on Oct. 18, hosted by popular radio personalities Miranda Lu (���ũ�) and Dennis Au (�ϯѲ�) at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall (���������]). In the same venue, the Television Golden Bell Awards was held yesterday with local TV personalities Sam Tseng (���꫰) Selina Jen (���a��) serving as hosts. During the television awards, senior actors notably stole the spotlight with their moving and humorous award speeches.

85 year-old actor Wang Shui (����) took home best actor for the television miniseries category. During his acceptance speech, Wang made fun of himself, stating that he is a shameless man for taking the award at the age of 85. ��My wife told me to keep it short,�� Wang said, ��and wanted me to make sure that I don’t say thank you to my wife, daughter, son in law, four grandsons and three granddaughters; Oops, I just did.�� After being awarded her special contribution award, Chang said that she is both thankful and surprised at the recognition. As Chang was most notably known for her role as Empress Dowager, Lung congratulated the achievement of the actor by stating that Chang will always be the most breathtaking empress in history. The award for the late Huang was accepted by the late producer’s friend and director Wang Hsiao-ti (���p��) who implored people to chase their dream in honor of the contributions and efforts of Huang. Wang’s TV series ��Boys Can Fly” (��糨k��) also took home awards for best screenplay and best television drama series.

Best Acting Awards Given to Breakout Performances In an unexpected twist, the best actress for a television drama series went to dark horse nominee Chung Hsin-Ling (���Y��) for her performance in acclaimed series ��Sun After The Rain” (�B��ź��). The drama was also awarded with accolades for best cinematography and best supporting actor. Chung broke into tears while accepting her award and thanked everyone who watches TV. Chung also said that she is a comedian who loves to act, and said, “Thank you for loving TV!” Singapore-billed Malaysia actor Christopher Lee (���ʶ�) won best actor for a television drama series. Lee thanked the judges and for the opportunity from producers for giving him a challenging role to perform in Taiwan as well as the opportunity to win his first overseas award outside of Singapore.